Progressive Values

The Team

County Chairperson--Terry Casparis
Treasurer - J.B. Chimene
Secretary - Susan Hamm

Communications Director - Joyce Humble 

Precinct Chairs/Captains

102 - Nova Phillips
201 - Joyce Humble
302 - David Hamm

303/304 - Julian Olinick
401 - Suzanne Perkins

Primary voting - March 6 

102 - Tom (Alt. Judge) and Brigid A (Alt. Judge)

201 - Joyce H (Alt. Judge) and...

302 - David H (Alt. Judge) and Paige W

303 - Kevin (Alt. Judge) and Samantha J (Alt. Judge)

304 - Patty (Alt. Judge) and JB (Alt. Judge) 

401 - Suzanne P (Alt. Judge) Dora B (Alt. Judge), Rebecca G (Clerk)

Blanco County Annex - Susan H and Marjorie H

Our Beliefs
2016-2018 Texas Democratic Platform

The Texas Democratic Party believes that we live in a land of opportunity as wide as our beautiful Texas skies. Texas Democrats care about our neighbors and know that we're stronger together than we are on our own.  We know that when everyone plays by the same rules, gets a fair shot and does their fair share -- Texas succeeds.  Our values are rooted in opportunity, freedom, fairness, equality, and progress.

Texas Democrats have led the fight for civil rights, Social Security, workers' rights, voting rights, veteran’s rights, health care, equality, immigration reform, and women's rights. We are the party of President Lyndon Johnson, Sam Rayburn, Barbara Jordan, Ann Richards, Joaquin and Julian Castro, Wendy Davis, and countless Texans throughout the state who work each day to keep Texas great.

We love our great state. And we fight to win elections to protect our Texas values.