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Message from the Chairman
By Terry Casparis

March 11, 2019

“What created democracy was Thomas Paine and Shays' Rebellion, the suffragists and the abolitionists and on down through the populists and the labor movement, including the Wobblies. Tough, in your face people...Mother Jones, Woody Guthrie...Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez. And now it's down to us.”  – Jim Hightower, author, activist, and former Texas Ag Commissioner

Democracy is our responsibility. We cannot assign our obligations to candidates or elected officials. The extreme threats that American democracy faces will not be solved by simply voting. We do not fulfill our duties by thanking others for what they have done unless we have done it ourselves. Passion, fearlessness, and effort are necessary to rip the choke hold of far-right despots from our throats.

Yes, I feel personally responsible. I do not comprehend the priorities of the current government – power and wealth instead of fairness and opportunity; oppression over equality; reaping spoils above caring for nature and the future of the world. None of us want to leave that America to our future generations. Yet, if you are a baby-boomer like me, then our time is short and we must act now to repay our debts. If you are younger, I ask for your help to understand your priorities and to make them ours.

The 2020 election is upon us. The Texas presidential primary will occur in less than a year – March 3, 2020. We have much work to do to build on what we started in 2018.